Bringing Order to Legal Communications with Salesforce | IT Edge CRM’s Custom Legal Portal

by Leon Aghazarian

Our customer, a leading legal firm in the personal injury space (whose name will remain anonymous for privacy’s sake), needed a way to efficiently communicate with plaintiffs in a mass arbitration. Off-the-shelf portal solutions were too complex and lacked critical features. We needed to build a portal with a single-page design that was accessible to plaintiffs with any level of technical expertise. 

Legal Firm

Identifying Key Concerns

IT Edge CRM’s Salesforce solution engineers sat down with the firm to identify their key challenges. This is what we uncovered.  

Simplicity of a Single-Page Portal

The firm expressed their desire for a branded, single-page interface to allow plaintiffs to view case status, communicate with the legal team, upload files, and update their contact information as necessary. Salesforce Communities provided a solid foundation for a portal, but the desired interface was not available out of the box.  

Need for Streamlined Communications

Lawyers needed the ability to send individual and mass messages to plaintiffs and receive responses. Lawyers needed to request and track missing information from plaintiffs such as evidence files or identity verification. 

The Verdict: Blending Salesforce Communities, the Litify Salesforce App, and a Custom Salesforce Solution from IT Edge 

Once the key project concerns were identified, it was time to get to work. The firm already had ideas about what would help them the most, but they needed to leverage our Salesforce expertise to bring their vision to life. 

Building a Custom Community Platform

We began by using the framework of the Salesforce Community tool to build a single-page business-to-customer (B2C) portal. In addition to building the page, we implemented the firm’s corporate branding to make the portal unique to them.

Adding the Ability to Upload Files and Update Info 

Next, we leveraged existing features from the Litify app to add a file upload interface to the portal for uploading evidence and identity verification. Now the firm’s tracking of missing documents is a breeze and the amount of time spent identifying which plaintiffs are missing documents has been greatly reduced.

Intuitive Communication Capabilities

Lastly, we created a custom messaging application/inbox for direct attorney-to-client messaging and a custom mass messaging tool for the firm to communicate with their plaintiffs on a large scale. Our solution involved the use of a custom Lightning Web Component built for the Salesforce Community that allowed two-way communication threads between the firm and specific plaintiffs. 

Thanks to our custom solution, the firm was able to efficiently collect large amounts of information, simplify community user account creation, centralize all communication, and create an effective means of mass messaging plaintiffs. This created a better experience for both law firm staff and the plaintiffs they serve. 

Could You Improve Business Processes With Custom Salesforce Solutions?

Any firm that uses Advologix or Litify may need functionality that goes beyond out-of-the-box functionality. IT Edge CRM can help implement and enhance Salesforce and these popular legal apps. 

How may we improve your legal practice processes?

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