Master WoodCraft Cabinetry Automates Quoting Process

Master Woodcraft knows that in their fast-paced competitive industry, there is no time to waste when dealing with a high volume of quote requests. IT Edge CRM’s Salesforce consulting engineers saved Master Woodcraft hundreds of valuable hours by making their request intake process seamless.
Efficiency Improvement
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In this latest client case study, we’ll cover the challenges they faced and the solutions we’ve implemented with our client, Master Woodcraft.

Master Woodcraft Cabinetry

Proposal Problems & More: Master Woodcraft’s Dilemma

When Master Woodcraft partnered with IT Edge CRM for our Salesforce consulting services, the problems were clear.

Project Proposals in the Centralized CRM

Project proposals were initially created via Excel spreadsheets which Master Woodcraft wanted to continue to use given their complexity. However, they needed these uploaded accurately to to better inform the company’s broader sales and service teams on projects and project status.

Reporting has gone from manually keyed information housed on an internal network to infinitely flexible reporting based in the cloud. Absolute game changer.

Shea D., VP of Information Technology

Automated Quote Generation

Furthermore, Master Woodcraft had been manually building quotes in Microsoft Word with product and pricing information from the Excel bid spreadsheet and then generating PDFs from the Word documents for customers. This process was very time consuming and error-prone.

Project Management

Lastly, with the projects and proposals all being moved over to Salesforce, our client needed a way to keep track of what projects had been awarded, which had been completed, and which were in progress.

With these challenges before us, our team was ready to dive in and start crafting solutions for our partner.

Our Hand-Crafted Custom Solutions | Saving Time with Salesforce Automations

A Customized Excel-to-Salesforce Tool

After discussing configurator tools to replace the spreadsheet, we mutually agreed to retain the proposal configuration in Excel.

Automated Importing and Updating of Quotes

We created a code-based application to parse, preview, and import new quotes and update already imported quotes by reuploading the proposal spreadsheet with new information. Our solution involved the use of custom Lightning Web Component to preview the quote and line item data prior to importing. We used Apex code and a Javascript library to parse the Excel Document and Custom Metadata Types to map Excel cells to Salesforce objects and fields.

Implemented a Document Generation Solution

Next, we moved on to create a way to automatically generate quote PDFs without having to do any building by hand. The requirements made it so that the standard quote PDF functionality in Salesforce was not satisfactory. The resulting Quote PDF automatically appended product Spec Sheet documents as addenda based on the products on the quote line items. To accomplish this level of sophistication in the document generation, we turned to the AppExchange application Nintex DocGen.

Nintex DocGen

This application pulls the data from Salesforce, and automatically loads it to a Microsoft Word Template. With some customization on our end, we were able to create a process that creates PDFs that look identical to the previously manually-created ones and all of it with the push of a button.


Do You Want to Craft Your Master Salesforce Process?

After partnering with the Salesforce consultants at IT Edge CRM, Master Woodcraft was instantly saving hours of labor and improving the quote-creation user experience.

Even with large scale projects, our Salesforce consulting services team is able to customize the software to create situation-specific solutions for any team.

Is your business looking to upgrade a part of their internal process?


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