Rolloff Dumpster Direct built its business on Salesforce App Cloud for Rapid Quoting and Vendor Selection

by IT Edge CRM

Customer Case Study: Rolloff Dumpster Direct leverages Salesforce App Cloud

Customized Salesforce solutions take the guesswork out of complex tasks like vendor selection. When customer service representatives (CSRs) are empowered by tailor-made Salesforce App Cloud tools, it facilitates faster, more accurate quotes and payment processing. IT Edge CRM’s customer, Rolloff Dumpster Direct (RODD), is an ideal example of the benefits businesses can reap from a Salesforce solution custom-made for their organizational needs.

RODD’s Organizational Challenges

RODD processes a high volume of customer interactions and financial transactions every day. Their customers can call a single direct line for a roll-off dumpster delivery to almost anywhere on the east coast. CSRs provide a quote to customers based on the customer’s desired dumpster size, waste type, and delivery zip code. With these details and a host of other considerations they must select the most suitable dumpster vendor. They needed a tool capable of helping the CSR quickly quote the customer, process the order, and then determine the best vendor for the customer based on a series of complex factors.


Why Customize Salesforce?

Salesforce’s out-of-the-box sales process wasn’t a match for RODD’s operational needs: Salesforce’s opportunities and quotes are designed for simple product sales with a longer sales cycle and multiple iterations of quoting and negotiations. Salesforce’s price book system would be cumbersome for RODD to manage, with precalculated prices that would need to be manually recalculated and updated as vendors change their pricing. RODD needed to dynamically and instantly calculate a dumpster price.

Additionally, RODD needed a logistics tool that could go beyond the sales process. Their Salesforce solution had to be able to determine the best vendor for each order based on the details of the customer’s request. These factors include:

  • Proximity of vendor to customer site
  • Delivery needs, including same-day delivery and Saturday delivery
  • Handling particular waste types
  • Rental timeframe


But what about delivery locations where there are more deer than people? In these cases, vendor selection is more challenging and needs to be informed by how well vendors have serviced these zip codes in the past.

RODD’s Tailor-Made Salesforce App Cloud Solution

IT Edge CRM used Salesforce Visualforce pages and Apex code to build a dynamic quoting engine for RODD. Based on the zip code and waste type that the CSR entered, an algorithm in the code determines available dumpster sizes and calculates the price for each size based on multiple cost considerations. It even calculates sales tax for states that require it and only on the taxable aspects of the service.

In IT Edge CRM’s custom solution, information about pricing and the vendor is presented to CSRs on a easy-to-read dashboard. CSR can quote customers on multiple dumpster sizes within the delivery zip code in a matter of seconds. The quotes are broken down based on:

  • Price
  • Included tonnage
  • Tonnage overage amount
  • Rental length
  • Rental overage charges.


The system generates a script that lets the CSR accurately, consistently, and succinctly inform the customer of the included services for any dumpster size.

Fine-Tuning RODD’s Salesforce App Cloud Tool

IT Edge CRM implemented three layers of logic to determine the available vendors for RODD’s custom Salesforce App Cloud solution. First, the system searches RODD’s database for vendors known to handle particular zip codes. Then, it uses geolocation technology to identify the vendors that are closest to the service location. Finally, it again employs Apex code to determine which vendors meet the customer’s criteria for delivery (same-day, Saturday, etc.) and waste type.

The system also searches RODD’s order history for vendors that were previously used in that zip code, as a list of fallback options (in case of deer 😉 ).

In a matter of moments, RODD CSRs can determine if they can commit to the customer’s specific request. Or, they can accurately provide alternate options for delivery.

RODD order entry
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Results of Salesforce Implementation

IT Edge CRM’s custom solution has empowered CSRs at RODD with an organized and extremely powerful system at their fingertips, ensuring less items fall through the cracks and customers get extraordinary service. In addition to more efficient customer interactions, RODD’s Salesforce solution also facilitated vendor representation tracking.

Additionally, RODD’s management is also able to use the Salesforce solution to gain clearer visibility into key performance indicators for service areas.

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