How Cabinetworks Group Streamlined Processes With IT Edge CRM

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Following a merger of two well-known cabinetry companies, Cabinetworks Group has become one of the largest manufacturers in the space. In fact, they are the second-largest company of their kind in America, with offices and manufacturing facilities across the country. Their brands are favored by builders, dealers, distributors and home centers throughout North America.  The entire team at Cabinetworks Group prides themselves on guiding their customers through the process of…

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Customized Salesforce Streamlines Pittsburgh Film Office Operations

Customer Case Study: The Pittsburgh Film Office IT Edge’s customer the Pittsburgh Film Office (PFO), has a lofty mission, but needed Salesforce to help centralize their organization. The Pittsburgh Film Office is a non-profit corporation whose goal is to attract film production projects to the greater Southwestern Pennsylvania region. A resource for the film industry since 1990, the Pittsburgh Film Office assists in the process of sourcing locations, vendors, and…

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Leveraging Salesforce, Duggan & Brown Streamlines Lead Deliveries to its Sales Staff

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Case Study: Duggan & Brown When looking for ways to help its sales staff discover and foster vendor relationships, established consumer merchandise broker Duggan & Brown turned to Salesforce — Salesforce with a IT Edge CRM twist. As direct marketing specialists, the Duggan & Brown team is in a class of its own. After more than four decades of remarkable success, Duggan & Brown stands out as one of the…

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